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The bodice of “Josephine” is adorned with intricate leaf appliqués,These artfully crafted appliqués create a botanical-inspired look, adding a touch of nature’s beauty to the gown. The leaves gracefully flow into the  light tulle skirt, creating a seamless transition.

Dainty clear sequins are scattered strategically across the leaf appliqués and tulle layers. The sequins add a subtle sparkle and luminosity to the gown, catching and reflecting light as the bride moves. This touch of shimmer enhances the enchanting and magical quality of the overall design.

Josephine with its tulle fabric, leaf appliqués, and clear sequins, is a harmonious blend of nature-inspired beauty and classic elegance. The dress captures the essence of a fairytale romance, making it an ideal choice for the bride who seeks a gown that is both ethereal and enchanting on her special day.


Our in-store sample is Ivory/Ivory




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