• Greta Headband
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Greta Headband

Greta is the essence of simple sophistication. This piece is the final fairytale touch to complete your bridal look if you have been looking for a narrow headband style. It features a unique ensemble of Austrian Crystal stones and embellished silver and gold floral details. Greta is so easy to adjust for individual wearing preference and comfort that you won’t want to take this Bridal Headband off at the end of the day.

Greta is an unusual narrow band in Pale Gold of different shapes of stones with flowers and interesting shapes. Greta is delicate Bridal headband to add to your bridal look giving you an arc of lovely and interesting stones in your Bridal Hairstyle. The metal frame of the crown is bendable, allowing Greta to be easily shaped to your head with no tight pressure when you are wearing it.



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