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The bodice of the “Aloy” gown is adorned with intricate floral lace detailing, creating a romantic and feminine focal point. The delicate flowers and vines cascade gracefully over the bodice, provide a touch of natural beauty. Please note that our in-store Sample is lined at the back of the bodice.


A subtle yet elegant lace trim graces the waistline of the “Aloy” Gown it defines and accentuates the bride’s natural curves. This detail adds a touch of sophistication while creating a seamless transition between the bodice and the chiffon skirt.


The combination of delicate lace, embellishments, and the flowing chiffon skirt create a gown that is both timeless and effortlessly beautiful. Ideal for a bride who envisions a look that is both sophisticated and whimsical, this dress captures the essence of a fairytale romance.

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