Hi Everyone,

Today we want to fill you in on what to expect with regard to fit when you get your wedding dress and also why bridal stores take your measurements!

Curvy Chic Bridal

Every designer has their own size chart, and measurements are not consistent from designer to designer,  so we need to measure each person and then check those measurements against that particular designers size chart to determine the dress size we need to order for you. Sometimes a designer will only ask for bust, waist and hips and sometimes they will ask for a bit more, especially if the dress has formed cups.

We will generally order as per the largest measurement, should that be bust, hips or waist. Taking your measurements DOES NOT mean that your dress will be made to those measurements, it just gives us a guideline to determine the best size to order to get it as close to perfect as we can.



Hopefully this explains why 99% of wedding dresses will need alterations to them to get a perfect fit, as we know this is a common question amongst new brides. If you would like a bespoke wedding dress made to your specific measurements, you would have to go to a designer or dressmaker directly and through a series of dress fittings and consultations, you will get your perfect fit, however, this can be a fairly expensive route to take, which is why most brides opt to buy a dress and have alterations with a local seamstress.

We hope this helps new brides to be understand exactly what we are doing when we whip out the measuring tape!

Do let us know if you have any other burning questions, we are only too happy to help!