Hi guys,

another great week ay Curvy Chic Bridal and I thought it would be a good idea to chat about making

changes to wedding and bridesmaid dresses to customize them to fit your own personal style.

We find lots of curvy girls are a little self conscious of their arms so they are looking for a dress with sleeves whether it’s a wedding or bridesmaid dress.

Don’t be put off trying a sleeveless/strapless dress if you really like the look of it!

It is super easy to add a sleeve to almost all of our bridal, bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom dresses for very little cost.

Hayley Curvy Chic Bridal Hayley Curvy Chic Bridal

Our Hayley dress, without a strap, and with a detachable strap

Or you, might choose to wear a bolero or cape that you can remove later in the night so your arms are free to flail about on the dance floor!

Aster-Bolero-Curvy Chic bridal Azalea-Bolero-Curvy Chic Bridal Freesia-Bolero-Curvy Chic bridal

Boleros in Aster, Azalea and Freesia

Then not only do you have your arms covered but you have a dress that is totally unique to you!

Another conundrum, you LOVE a dress but it’s just not “blingy” enough  for you, never fear, you bet we have the solution! We have recently added some fabulous new belt and shoulder appliques to our collections (yes sparkly shoulders!!) that can transform the look of your dress in seconds.

Not poofy enough…add some extra tulle underneath or a petticoat, too poofy……take out some tulle!

Still not sure? Here’s one I prepared earlier….

Making a dress your own! plus size bridal

Step one! 2 plain dresses, what a difference just a little bling makes! But then….

Making a dress your own! plus size bridal

This time, we added a wider strap, that can also be pulled down into a cap sleeve, and we added some bling to the bridesmaid dress.

The moral of the story is, if you find a dress you feel special in but it needs a few tweaks to be perfect it’s easy to do and

the added bonus is, you will have your own one of a kind dress.

Speak soon