Studio Levana has arrived at Curvy Chic Bridal!!

We are very excited to announce that we have eleven different Studio Levana dresses in stock for you to try on! All very different styles and a variety of sizes but all with the magic corset hidden away inside. We thought it would be nice to tell you a little about the brand as well as the product and why we are so delighted to become a stockist of these wonderful dresses.

Who are they?

The story begins when the designer, Evgenia couldn’t find a wedding dress for herself. Everything around felt like too much. They were so heavy, with a lot of stones, beads, crinoline and puff. At that time, in 2009, it was hard to find a dress different than the cupcake dress, or it was very pricey and still not “the one”.

Evgenia decided that she had the right vision and taste from working in the design sphere as a student to make “the one” for herself. That’s how Studio Levana was born: with patterns and light fabrics on the floor of a rented flat, a home sewing machine, and a lot of faith in herself.

And we can say that in the short time we have been working with her she is not only a wonderful designer but also great to work with. We love that she understands the needs of curvier brides not just in fabric choices but also shape and styles of the gowns.

One thing that we have always wanted to promote is finding a dress that flaunts your curves and suits your shape and these dresses do exactly that.

The Magic of a Studio Levana Dress

Now when we first heard of these magic dresses that would do wonderful things for our curves we were naturally a little sceptical. Knowing a lot about corsets and underwear combined with the amount of dresses we have seen it’s hard to believe when someone tells us they have something new and different.

Well let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

The magic corset inside holds everything… EVERYTHING in the place it should be. It means when you wear your dress there is no need for bras or control pants and no need to worry about any lumps and bumps showing. When brides try on the dress we say ‘try and push your tummy out’ and they can’t, even when sitting down this dress still works it’s magic.

See in the image here the model is wearing the same underwear in both pictures

And even with movement, twists and slouching the Levana dress holds perfectly in place. We would also like to add that it is completely wearable and more comfortable than extreme shape wear.

– Style –

Of course everyone’s style and tastes are different which is a wonderful thing. As a collection they have a great range of wedding gowns from super sexy fit flare to a modest long sleeved chiffon gown. You can add sleeves, alter the neck line and add detachable skirts that give your dress a train and volume.

Here are some of the gowns we have in store…

In order left to right –

Kris, Baluchi & Seline

Tracie, Sophia, Wendy, AdelTracie, Sophia, Wendy & Adel

    Don’t just take our word for it, book an appointment and come and try them for yourself. We will have our expert team on hand to fit you in the dresses and talk you through how to fasten them properly. We will give you our advice and opinions to make sure that you leave feeling happy and confident not only in the dress you chose but also in yourself.

Please call us or email to book your appointment today and remember to give yourself plenty of time so your dress choosing experience can be relaxed and enjoyable. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Studio Levana just like we have.

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